About Us


Elder Walter Izler

Elder Walter Izler migrated to Washington, DC from South Carolina. He and his wife Manerva and children worshipped at the Tried Stone Apostolic Church under the pastorship of Bishop Henry Williams. For many years he served faithfully as an elder in the ministry of the Tried Stone Apostolic Church.


Heeding the call to a greater work, Elder Izler stepped out in faith in 1957 to establish the Holy Mount Olivet Apostolic Church of Christ, with only a few founding members, Deacon Leon James and family, Deacon Daniel Bynum and family, Mother Kilcock, Deacon Hickman, and Deacon Douglas Bynum and family. With the few faithful members, the church began to worship in the building located at 11th Street SE in Washington, DC.


After a short stay at the 11st Street location, the District Government purchased the property for new construction scheduled for the area. Seeking another place of worship, the church was blessed with a bigger and better building located at 1300 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Washington, DC.  At this new location, the congregation was able to settle in and worship for many years.


Under Elder Izler’s leadership the membership grew. After many years, the growth necessitated the seeking of more room. The church was blessed with the building at 1418 New Jersey Avenue, NW, Washington, DC.


Elder Walter Izler served the church faithfully for many years. During that time, he invited Elder Hopeton W. Mair, Sr. from the First United Church of Jesus Christ to minister the Word of God at the Church. When Elder Izler’s health began to fail in 1980, he sought assistance and he reached out to Elder Mair, Sr. who came and provided assistance to Elder Izler and the Holy Mount Olivet Apostolic Church membership.       


Bishop Mair

In 1981, Elder Hopeton W. Mair, Sr. was handed the mantle of leadership of the Holy Mount Olivet Apostolic Church, after receiving the blessings of his Pastor. Prior to arriving at Holy Mount Olivet, Elder Mair had established the Christian Workers Incorporated (CWI) organization. This organization had a weekly Broadcast on WFAX “THOUGHT FOR THE DAY” in Falls Church, Virginia. The Holy Mount Olivet officers decided to join the CWI in 1981.  The Presiding Officer of CWI, Elder Mair, Sr. was installed as the new Pastor of Holy Mount Olivet Apostolic Church.


As the church began to grow in membership, it also grew in various areas of ministry. Elder Mair worked to take the church and the ministries of the church beyond the four walls of the building. The Outreach Ministry of the church grew to include a clothing closet; a food bank, a prison ministry, a refuge center, a program cooking hot meals to feed the homeless, a transportation department ministry, and the re-establishment of the weekly broadcast – “OPERATING FROM AN AREA OF STRENGTH” on WYCB.


The growing needs of the congregation and the need for more rigorous evangelism accelerated the search for a larger facility. In November 1992, God blessed Holy Mount Olivet Apostolic Church of Christ with such a place. On Sunday, May 2, 1993, the new edifice at 5908 Addison Road, Seat Pleasant, Maryland was dedicated, and the name was changed to New Mt. Olivet Apostolic Church.


Keeping the Mission Statement is our Focus: “To propagate the gospel of JESUS CHRIST through the preaching and teaching of the gospel, repentance, baptism in the name of JESUS and the infilling of the HOLY GHOST. This must be followed by living a Holy life that is ready for death and the rapture.”

We all are responsible to work in the vineyard the Lord established in 1957.


The Mount Olivet Organization has grown nationally and internationally to include two churches in the United States and five churches in Jamaica, West Indies. The work assignment given to us, is not ours to boast in or boast about. The Church is All About Jesus so He alone must get all the Glory.



To propagate the gospel of JESUS CHRIST through the preaching and teaching of the gospel, repentance, baptism in the name of JESUS and the infilling of the HOLY GHOST. This must be followed by living a Holy life that is ready for death and the rapture.